Working paper

European Perspectives for Public Administration (EPPA): Jana Bertels, Geert Bouckaert, Werner Jann

Abstract: There have been several and repeated attempts trying to review the 'state of the art' and to formulate future directions for Public Administration, and this may even be a sign of a certain lack of maturity of the field. But it is also an indication that we should try harder. This paper presents first findings from an internet-based survey amongst European Public Administration scholars about how our colleagues and peers see the most important challenges, but also the most needed developments in the field in the next decades. The survey is not representative, but invited participants to comment on a number of (more or less) controversial statements about the development of our field, so it allows a qualitative and discursive analysis of important positions and contradictions. The survey is the first part of an ongoing project to develop common European Perspectives for Public Administration (EPPA). For .pdf click here