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EPPA Seminar “Cultures, Diversity, and Public Administration” (14-15 December 2017; KU Leuven, Belgium)

We gratefully acknowledge the funding of the Anneliese-Maier Research Award by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

EPPA Seminar “Cultures, Diversity and Public Administration”

The aim of the seminar is to demonstrate that cultures and diversity in the European scene is getting more relevant. The question is how we map the increase of change and relevance, and how this affects the multidisciplinary field of PA for the future.

The Logic of the “Cultures, Diverstiy and Public Administration”- Seminar

From a thematic point of view there will be a focus on the following elements:

First, Setting the Scene: what is Happening and going to happen? It is important to map cultures and diversities, now and in the future and to show ‘Facts and figures’ on the shifts which are happening. This may include languages and language policies in countries (national and non-national languages), migrations, multicultural administrations (e.g. the European Commission).

 Second: theories and models in PA taking (or not) culture and diversity into account. How and to what extent is PA-research positioning itself vis-à-vis Languages, Religion, (Legal) Traditions,  … Also, about policies in heterogeneous communities: what about effective policies in culturally diverse communities in a country. Also, how does recent multicultural organizational theory look like (national and international organisations).

Third: What about PA Country Clusters in research. How do clusters look like, are they changing? What are research strategies to explain differences based on types of Clusters. How does this affect research strategies of ‘Most Different Research Design’

Fourth:  What are the implications for a PA Research Agenda (Data, Topics, Methods,…)

Contacts for further questions:


Bertels, Jana | Project Coordinator | University of Potsdam | Mail: bertels@​​uni-potsdam.de

Bouckaert, Geert | KU Leuven | Mail: geert.bouckaert@​​soc.kuleuven.be

Jann, Werner | University of Potsdam | Mail: jann@​​uni-potsdam.de